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GoLemon Goes Live! Set to Redefine Grocery Delivery with Direct Product Sourcing from Farmers

GoLemon Goes Live! Set to Redefine Grocery Delivery with Direct Product Sourcing from Farmers

After one year of testing and servicing a controlled consumer niche, GoLemon, a fresh entrant in the grocery delivery scene, announced on March 14 that its service and products are now open to the general public within specific locations in Lagos.

GoLemon has hinted at its unique approach to directly sourcing bulk products from farmers and FMCGs. The company believes this strategy, aimed at securing a competitive edge, will redefine the industry operations.

Additionally, despite potential competition in product offerings, GoLemon stands out due to the absence of a direct competitor covering every aspect of the supply chain, as revealed by the company’s team to journalists.

Founded by four former senior managers at Paystack—Yinka Adewuyi, Gbadegbo Gbade-Oyelakin, Abdulrahman Jogbojogbo, and Abiola Showemimo—GoLemon leverages their collective six years of experience.

Adewuyi, now CEO, spearheads the venture, with Gbade-Oyelakin serving as CTO, Jogbojogbo leading growth initiatives, and Showemimo managing operations. With a focus on delivering groceries and household items, GoLemon enters a market dominated by well-funded entities like Glovo and Chowdeck, alongside popular local options such as Mano and Pricepally.

A key strength lies in GoLemon’s adept management of inventory and fulfilment centres, facilitated by a robust sourcing network connecting directly with farmers and manufacturers. This approach optimizes costs, attracting a broad customer base.

Notably, GoLemon’s market entry coincides with the departure of international giants like Jumia and Bolt from the food and grocery delivery sector. Despite challenges cited by industry players, GoLemon’s growth manager, Jogbojogbo, sees opportune timing for their venture.

Asserting that perseverance is paramount amidst current challenges, Jogbojogbo emphasizes leveraging Showemimo’s supermarket ownership experience and Gbade-Oyelakin’s tenure at Supermart to fortify GoLemon’s position. The business model prioritizes catering to repeat orders and large basket sizes, aligning with consumer preferences.

GoLemon’s launch follows closely on the heels of Mira, a foodtech startup initiated by a former Flutterwave vice-president. As YC continues to support foodtech ventures, GoLemon’s innovative approach signals a promising trajectory within the burgeoning grocery delivery landscape.