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NEW NIGERIAN PEOPLE’S PARTY NNPP set to change the narratives In Lagos

NEW NIGERIAN PEOPLE'S PARTY NNPP set to change the narratives In Lagos
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The New Nigerian People’s Party in Lagos is poised to change the narratives in the politics of Lagos State. The spokesperson for the party, Hon. Richard Benson Echigbue, on Monday, highlighted the plans and structures on ground to bring about the change. According to him, New Nigerian People’s Party NNPP is sure of occupying the government house due to the strength and untiring efforts of the party and its members . Its not about noise or propaganda rather its about strategy and effectiveness in the operationalization of the its strategies and planning. He maintains that the party structures in the state are so overwhelming that no other party has the strength and human capacity the New Nigerian People’s Party NNPP has. Mr. Benson further states that Lagos State deserves a party that has the interest of the state and its people at heart. He urged Lagosians to support the party in the next year’s gubernatorial election in the state.

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Haven said that the spokesman reiterated that its high time we changed the narratives of the State polity, a party cannot control the state machinery for 20 yrs and no significant achievements has been recorded despite the enormous and financial Capacity of the State. He added that Sanwol-olu led government has proven to be a government without direction. The state projects for instance is a clear cut evidence that this government should be voted out in the next year election. All you see are handicapped projects making it difficult for people to move freely on the road. The various axis in the state are experiencing huge traffic deadlock, from the AJAR AXIS to OYINGBO, to YABA to IKEJA and other parts of the State at the same time without proper plan to manage the traffic knowing fully well the terrain and the causative effect it would have on the people. While these is going on the state governor has vehemently declined from giving the popular EKO BRIDGE since the fire incident at the Apongnon. This another evidence that the state government has lost it and needed to go and rest

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