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7 Fabulous Grooming Hack Every Guy Must Know

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Some men appear daily as if they were carved out of magazine covers. Skin always clear. Hair on fleek. Majel Aiyegbenin in this piece talks about the simple things that makes you classy.

Great grooming is an important part of style, gentlemen. Don’t just go through the regular boring routine, Innovate. Save time, money, and your look  by giving these Hacks a try.

1. Eyebrow Grooming
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Undefined eyebrows can mess with your facial symmetry and draw attention away from your eyes  both are great deals to your overall good looks.

If you’re not ready to borrow your girlfriend’s brow filler/ gel, hair gel works just fine. You only need a tiny bit though if you try to use even a pinch glob you’ll get an eye full.

2. When You runout on Toothpaste
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This is another great grooming hack for emergencies. Don’t skip brushing your teeth the morning before an interview or big presentation, a date or the morning after hitting up the bar and buffet just because you’ve run out of toothpaste.

Baking soda / activated charcoal whitens your teeth and cleans your mouth almost as well as conventional toothpaste.

Mix 1/2 teaspoon with a bit of water and apply it to your teeth with your toothbrush or finger.

To get the teeth whitening effect, allow it to sit on your teeth for 1-2 minutes. Then brush normally. It won’t taste minty but it should leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean and remove surface stains from your teeth.

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3. Hair Conditioner.
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Hair and beard conditioner are important to your grooming routine because, as shampoo is drying and strips the natural oils from the hairs. You may find yourself without conditioner especially if you’re on a trip.

Use your hand or body moisturizer or lotion it contains many of the same ingredients.
If you’ve have other choices , look for a lotion that’s a similar thickness to the conditioner you usually use for example if you usually use a liquid conditioner designed for fine hair, a heavy body cream may weigh your hair down too much.

4.  Shaving Cream

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In a real altanative you can just use soap, but conditioner or cooking oil will dry your skin far less. You only need about a teaspoon to get the job done. Just rub it onto your face in circular motions and shave as usual. Then rinse off any excess.

These alternatives can also help prevent razor burn, so if you’re prone to it, give them a try. Olive oil is especially good for most skin types.

5.Powder Your Balls
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The real deal, it doesn’t matter how sharp you look if you smell like ball sweat. Or if you have a puddle of ass sweat on the seat of your pants. Even if you’re lucky and nobody catches a whiff of you, when YOU know you smell it affects your confidence so much that women rate you as less attractive.

Seek a Solution hack? Ball powder.

This keeps you dry and fresh-smelling where it counts. Avoid powders with talc which can cause cancer or menthol that irritates Also steer clear of powders that turn into a paste with sweat.
Frosted balls: not a good…

6. Wash Your Hair Less frequently

Frequent shampooing is necessary for most because hair collects dirt and sweat. The soap in shampoo, however, is prone to dryness and it can cause your hair to look dull, frizzy, or straw-like. If your hair is unmanageable, washing too frequently may be the reason behind it. Try shampooing thrice a week.

7. Relief For An Itchy Beard
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When you’re first learning how to grow a beard, your new beard hair tends to be very coarse and dry, often causing horrible itching that drives many potential beard gang members to give up. I know a lot of you are desperate for grooming hacks to solve this.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution, condition your beard along with your hair when you shower. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes and then rinse. Moisturized beard hair is much less itchy.

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Image courtesy of Seunmanuel Faleye - ApplesBite International Magazine
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