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AJAKAJU: Netizens React Over Bobrisky Crowned The ‘Best Dressed Female”


The Internet was practically set ablaze this week following the events that unfolded when a controversial cross dresser, Idris Okuneye, aka Bobrisky, was crowned the ‘best dressed female’ at the premiere of actress and filmmaker, Eniola Ajao’s  movie titled, ‘Ajakaju (Beast of Both Worlds)’, last Sunday.

Amusa, Adebayo trade words  

Actress, Dayo Amusa’s criticism of the decision to give Bobrisky the award ignited a firestorm of reactions, as she lambasted a fellow actor, Femi Adebayo, for making the announcement.

Amusa claimed that it was an insult to the ladies that were at the premiere for the award, which allegedly came with a cash prize of N1m, to be given to Bobrisky. According to her, if the organisers felt that cross dressers deserved to get an award, they should have created a category for them.

However, Adebayo’s wife, Aduke, was having none of that as she accused Amusa of hypocrisy, and stirring up further tension. She stated that if Amusa was not happy with the award, she should have directed her grievances at the organisers of the event, rather than her husband, who was only called upon to announce the winner.

On his part, Adebayo accused Amusa of not being happy with his success. He added, “You can never have peace of mind, because I have just started. You better channel your energy to your career.”

Bobrisky also sued for peace, urging critics to focus on the judges’ decision, rather than targeting Femi Adebayo.

Reacting to the call-out, some fans accused Amusa of unfairly targeting Adebayo.

A fan, City Girl, wrote, “But, he only presented the award. What’s his own?”

Kiki Sanchex opined, “She is trans(gender) and now identifies as a woman. I am not necessarily a fan, but she (Bobrisky) went there as a woman, dressed the part and won fair. I see no problem here.”

Omowunmi wrote, “Even if Bob(risky) did not win, Dayo you had no chance of winning.”

However, another fan, Lady Que, shared Amusa’s opinion. She wrote, “A man winning the best dressed female is disrespectful to women who attended the event.”