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Consolidating the New Rivers Vision: The Sim Fubara Example – By Paul Deeyah

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Consolidating the New Rivers Vision: The Sim Fubara Example – By Paul Deeyah

The Campaign Council of the Rivers State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has carefully chosen the Theme of its campaign for the 2023 Election as “Consolidation of the New Rivers Vision”.

However, each time the Standard Bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party mentioned Consolidation, some members of the public are quick to ask what is Sim Fubara consolidating. According to the Oxford Advanced Dictionary of current English, the word Consolidation means “to make your position of power stronger and more likely to continue or maintain the same level of achievement, profit, success, etc so that it seems likely to continue”.

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From the foregoing definition we can identify some key words or phrases therein. Such phrases as make your position of power stronger and more likely to continue, maintain the same level of achievement, profit, successes, which are exactly what the PDP, represented by Amoupusenibo Siminialayi Fubara in the state hopes to achieve.

So when people ask what is Sim Fubara going to consolidate, one begins to wonder the level at which political consideration has beclouded their sense of judgement and reasoning.

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We all know that the PDP government in Rivers State under Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has performed exceptionally well in many sectors, especially in the areas of roads and bridge construction, Housing development, Education, Health care development among others. It is also a known fact that no single government can do everything for the people. Governor Wike actually concentrated on areas that were of priority to him. He has done his best for Rivers people as he could not have satisfied everyone.

That is why the man who is succeeding him, Amaopusenibo Siminialayi Fubara has during the ongoing campaign tour to local government areas told Rivers electorate that he will consolidate on the gains of the Nyesom Wike administration, meaning that Rivers people will see construction of more roads. They will see the construction of more school and health infrastructure, among others. That is Consolidation and continuity.

Sim Fubara also promised to improve on the areas where the Wike administration has not done too well.

For example, Workers welfare. With Fubara’s promise to Consolidate on the areas of strength of the Wike led government and improve on the areas where Wike did not do so well, a Sim Fubara government will prioritize workers welfare in the state. Rivers workers would enjoy improved welfare packages, including promotion. The ongoing payment of gratuity to Retired Civil Servants in the state would be intensified and sustained in a Sim administration.

Agriculture will receive greater attention while attention would also be focused on improving the state Economy through oil and gas development. He has also promised to tackle the problem of insecurity in all parts of the State.

For each local government area he has visited, Sim has dropped specific development packages.

For example, at Onelga he promised to develop the Oil and Gas potential of the area. At Omuma, he promised human capital development, at Bori he assured the people of Khana of improved security, development of educational infrastructure as well as completion of all projects started by Governor Nyesom Wike. Oyigbo, according to Sim will be provided with the right environment to become the hub of economic activities in the state. In Emohua he promised enhanced environment that will bring about mechanized agriculture.

Speaking at Bonny during the PDP campaign flag off, Sim Fubara promised to focus on security, construct internal roads to stop flooding, accord respect and protect traditional institution.

So everywhere that Fubara has visited he has made one categorical campaign promise or the other. It thus baffles one that despite all these, some people still say that Sim Fubara has not spoken neither has he told Rivers people what he intends to do for them when he becomes Governor of Rivers State.

Sim Fubara, an accomplished Accountant who rose to the aoex of his profession as Accountant General believes in talking less and doing so much.

It should be known to our people that Sim has a clearly defined direction that he has decided to tread in his bid to bring development to his people.

That is why we call on Rivers people to vote massively for this man of destiny, a humble, simple and unassuming young man who is poised to take Rivers State to another level of accelerated development.

Paul Deeyah writes from Port Harcourt.