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Exclusive: Magu Gate: Media Trial And Unfounded Assassination of Characters Against Associates of Embattled EFCC Boss

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‘Passion of Magu’, similar to ‘Passion of Christ’, the dark moment that trailed Jesus’s arrest, condemnation and ultimate crucifixion, is what best describes the unfounded fate of Mr. Ibrahim Magu embattled now former Ag. Chairman of EFCC.

Howbeit, in assuming an unpopular stance, 'I'll say, weep not for Magu', for he has chosen his own path.

From the day he accepted to take the intricate, yet, all essential job as the nation's sentinel for financial crime watch, he had been in the eyes of the storm.

His death and downfall became a popular wish amongst those that considered him their common enemy. For his case, sworn enemies had to bury their hatchets, and formed new alliances to plot his downfall.
So, his current travail does not come as a surprise for those with a level discernment.

However, Magu is not the crux of this discuss.

Magu apart, more worrisome these past weeks are the weight and writ of mudslinging, whispering campaigns and character defamation of certain individuals in the media, who either by dint of professional relationship or social circle are associated with Magu.

Certain individuals have been precipitously fingered by the media with unfounded allegations, since the Justice Ayo Salami-led panel commenced it's probe into the 21 corruption allegation bordering on mismanagement and lack of transparency in managing recovered assets by EFCC, leveled against Magu by Attorney General of the Federation, AGF and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami.

The News Agency of Nigeria laying unfounded claims to reports from Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) had alleged that Magu has been using different sources to siphon money from the EFCC, and in some cases collecting bribes from suspects.

NAN reports had fingered a Bureau de Chang operator, Ahmed Ibrahim Shanono based in Kaduna who is said to run more than 158 accounts and has been receiving huge sums of money on Magu's behalf.
Another individual who has been named as a syndicate is Femi Falana, renowned lawyer and human rights activist. He was linked to a N28m transfer. That earned Falana a spot as an ally.

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, had not been spared too. He had petitioned the Inspector General of Police, Muhamed Adamu, over allegations linking him to funds allegedly syphoned by Magu.

Publisher of PointBlank News, Jackson Ude had published an article suggesting that Magu embezzled over N39billion and gave Osinbajo N4billion for soft landing.
Not left out of the list of those that have suffered character smear is Popular Abuja-based Cleric Emmanuel Omale of Divine Hand Of God Prophetic Ministries, who was on July 11 named by NAN as a conduit through which Magu acquired certain property in Dubai.

The Prophet in a frantic clap back to redeem his hard-earned reputation through his Lawyer Chief Gordy Uche (SAN) has now threatened lawsuit against the news agency should they fail to retract the publication and offer public apology to the prophet, whom although agrees that the embattled EFCC former boss was his fellowship member, and that he only intercedes for him, like he does for all his members, however, denied laundering funds for him.

While fingering more individuals, a platform is quoted as saying, "The most prominent and trusted of such EFCC agent is Lagos Business Man and Polo player Francis Ogboru.

Suspects will be forced to cough out several billions and surrender property to Mr Ogboru who will then arrange for protection from further prosecution. Case closed.

Francis is so wealthy gracing Lagos high profile parties without any source of business income and now a major shareholder of Dana Airlines.
Every senior operative in Lagos and Abuja knows the crook in chief Ogboru’s office and are fully aware of Magu car wash schemes, his connections and telephone conversations with agents and the subversive influence to thwart investigations for greed.

Suspects will be directed in the middle of seemingly serious investigation to see Mr Ogboru while on bail at his Victoria Island Office for soft landing."
More recently, the name of Kano State Businessman Alhaji, Saadina Dantata, has also popped in the shady mix.

The Chairman of Danba Group who is believed to be an ally of Magu' has also been alleged as another front, through which Magu allegedly uses his account to route money.

As interesting and intriguing as these allegations are, I hope most media outlets and their publishers are preparing for their day in court when they'd need to prove this injurious allegations and libelous claims.

No credible individual who spent years building a hard-earned reputation would watch anyone soil their names in the mud.

A good name is better than silver and gold, says the good book.

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