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5 Stay Home Creative Ideas for The Family During Lockdown

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As the world remains a shadow of itself, thanks to Covid-19 global lockdown, outdoor activities have remained crippled for the most of us. If not deliberately planned, being indoors can be a heck of boredom.

However, we can make the best of our stay at home days and do better things together as a family that are inspiring and enriching for kids and everyone at home during the lockdown.

Here are five stay home creative ideas for the family this lockdown period.

1. Make pop up cards

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Pop up card

We can all relate and appreciate a little extra love in a challenging time of social distancing and quarantine. A pop up card with sweet words would do a lot of magic.

2. Making a toy out of a container.

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Gather together Old creative and simple materials you already have at home, and learn some basic mechanics through the fun process.

3. Make a DIY water garden
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Use old glass jars to make a little garden with some plant cuttings that grows happily in water. Learn which common plants will grow in water here

4. Make leaf/fruit prints : super fun natural craft activities.

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These beautiful DIY leaf prints can be used as wall stickers and greeting cards. You can use leaves from any season, and fruits like pawpaw ,They are so much fun to make.

5. Make DIY paper flowers of different creative designs
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Everyone loves roses, now lean back and imagine creatively making beautiful flowers yourself, amazing right?/Here are some tutorials to make paper cherry blossoms, and paper poppy flowers.

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