How Mohbad’s Father Brings his Girlfriend to Late Singers Matrimonial Home – Wunmi tells Corona Inquest

How Mohbad's Father Brings his Girlfriend to Late Singers Matrimonial Home - Wunmi tells Corona Inquest
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Wunmi, the widow of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad, recently offered her testimony during the ongoing coroner’s inquest into his untimely demise. In her statement, she shed light on her relationship with Mohbad’s father and the series of events that led to their strained relationship.

According to Wunmi, she and Mohbad’s father had a close bond, and he had even prayed for her to conceive their son, Liam. Their relationship was so harmonious that Mohbad’s father would visit their rented apartment in Lekki, bringing his girlfriend along, and Wunmi never raised any objections, as she considered it her son’s home. “She is not a family member, and they were not married. One day, he didn’t tell us he was coming over with the woman. Mohbad’s mother was in our house during a visit, and suddenly, the dad entered with his girlfriend. He was shocked to see Mohbad’s mom there.

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According to Wunmi, it became an issue because the late Mohbad’s mom asked why the older Aloba had to bring his girlfriend to come sleepover at his son’s matrimonial home.

However, tensions began to brew after the birth of Liam, primarily due to a dispute over the placenta. Both Wunmi and Mohbad refused to hand over Liam’s placenta to Mohbad’s father, triggering a series of heated arguments. This disagreement marked the turning point in their relationship, leading to various subsequent conflicts. Wunmi clarified that the decision to withhold the placenta from Mohbad’s father was originally Mohbad’s, and she merely supported his choice.

During her testimony, Wunmi also addressed an accusation from Mohbad’s father, who claimed to have seen a blood-soaked bucket in Mohbad’s room. She vehemently denied this allegation, explaining that the “blood” in question was from a minor cut, and the liquid absorbed by the bucket was water, a fact corroborated by Mohbad’s brother, who resided with them.

Wunmi went on to recount Mohbad’s involvement in an Ikorodu show and the injury he sustained during a confrontation with Prime Boy. She revealed that she had been subjected to threats and false accusations on social media since her husband’s passing, despite her innocence. Additionally, Wunmi disclosed that Mohbad’s Canada visa had been approved just a day before his tragic death.

In light of the threats and harassment, Wunmi shared that she felt compelled to leave her late husband’s residence following his demise.

The next hearing for the coroner’s inquest has been rescheduled for November 15, 2023. This story is still developing, and we will continue to provide updates as new information emerges.

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