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How to Free Up Space Using WhatsApp Folder

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Currently, this is one of the most widely used applications in the World. You can rarely find an android device without a Whatsapp application.

Well, as useful as it seems, this app silently eats up space in your device, you may have freed other apps cache or data and yet to see expected result in your storage facilities. Look no further, we would be enlightening ourselves on how to get more free space using the Whatsapp folder.

Firstly, The Whatsapp folder can be located under “FILE MANAGER” on your Phone menu. We will be looking at two major folders inside the Whatsapp folder. The Databases Folder and Media Folder.

How to free up space using WhatsApp folder

1. Databases Folders

It contains the backup of the previous days’ chat which means local backup is done. Basically it is done at a fixed time. Whatsapp backup is done in two ways locally and by using google account. Local backup is done in the WhatsApp folder in the database in a zip file. Wonder why Whatsapp decided to force the folder into the device since another backup option is available under settings on the app where backup can be done using google drive.

Your chat history backup files are saved in your SD card or phone memory (if the memory card is absent).

To delete, Launch your File Manager. Tap the WhatsApp folder, a list of all WhatsApp sub-folders will appear. Tap and hold the Databases file. Select Delete.

Keeping the latest backup and deleting the rest doesn’t delete any chats. You can repeat this process once a month.

2. Media Folder

This is also a Sub-folder in the WhatsApp folder. The focus will be on the following folders under Media Folder. The Whatsapp Images, Videos, Voicenotes, Audio and Documents.

This is where it gets interesting, One way or the other we belong to one to several WhatsApp groups we share different media, We at times forward different kinds of media to our list and once its seen by the recipients, it does not go away it accumulates under “Sent Folder” under the above mentioned Media Folders. Let’s say you have a saved video file in your device and you decide to share it with a friend, it saves the copy sent in “Sent Folder” under “Whatsapp Videos File” and still keeps the original file in your device, thereby consuming more space by creating the extra file. Here is what you do, you open each sent folder of these media and delete all sent items in each folder to free up space.

There you have it, ‎you can check your storage and smile at your accomplishment.

I hope this has been useful.

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Thank you.

Written by: Abbas Yinusa

Image courtesy of Seunmanuel Faleye - ApplesBite International Magazine
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