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Let’s Tread Carefully On State Police– Agbese Warns

State Police

The Deputy Spokesman, House of Representatives, Philip Agbese, has called for caution over the adoption of state police to address the worsening insecurity in some parts of the country.

In an interview with our correspondent, Agbese said, “That (adopting state police) will throw the country into the state of anarchy and confusion, because state police will be worse than what we are experiencing at the moment, when politicians will arm people to kill their political opponents.

“We ought to wait for proper constitutional amendment before we take that kind of drastic step. The position of the House is that if a bill is not presented, we don’t speak on it, but my personal opinion as a representative of the people, is that state police is going to be another call for anarchy, and we will witness more killings in the country.”