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Olanrewaju Alaka, Founder of Laerryblue Media Discusses Future of Public Relations in Africa

Olarenwaju Alaka, Laerryblue
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Olanrewaju Alaka, the founder of Laerryblue Media, shares insights into the challenges and opportunities surrounding public relations and reputation management in Africa. Discover how Laerryblue Media plans to address negative brand perception, enhance strategic public relations, manage reputation, and foster positive change across the continent.

Public relations in Nigeria is going through some challenges, most prominently an identity crisis regarding what constitutes professional PR. This industry encounters hurdles like effective social media engagement, content creation, and digital transformation. Additionally, some brands are struggling with effective storytelling, which is crucial for resonating with audiences in a meaningful way.

The urgency for PR practitioners to adapt and redefine the sector’s professional boundaries is underscored by the expanding digital landscape and Nigeria’s significant youthful demographic. This adaptation is necessary to ensure that communication strategies align with contemporary trends and the evolving socio-political and economic environment of the nation. The Future of Online Betting is Here!

Laerryblue Media is making strides by emphasizing the significance of maintaining a solid brand reputation. By addressing negative brand perceptions, enhancing strategic public relations, and managing reputation, they aim to bridge a positive and beneficial relationship between organizations and their audiences. This not only influences individual brands but also impacts the nation’s reputation, thereby affecting the business landscape significantly, not to mention the Return on Investment (ROI) and investment opportunities.

In refining and advancing the public relations (PR) landscape, it’s crucial to maintain a mindfulness toward and invest in fostering a positive brand image. Some brands, however, remain oblivious to the reality that public relations isn’t an optional venture but rather a lifestyle—subtly influencing every action a person or company undertakes. This, in turn, significantly impacts how they are perceived, especially as they expand beyond their initial scope.

A common misperception is that PR is only for established brands, yet in truth, PR is indispensable to all, right from the inception of their business. It’s a continual endeavor that transcends the transient. Both individuals and brands should ardently pursue and consistently explore new strategies to not only remain relevant but to excel in their respective fields. Amidst this journey, the principle of positive image cultivation should remain a core focus, acting as a compass in the unsettled seas of market competition and public perception.

“At Laerryblue Media, we prioritize fostering a positive brand perception and mutually beneficial relationships for our clients, ensuring this message resonates with our audience,” Olanrewaju states.

In tackling crisis management, Laerryblue Media adopts a proactive stance, preparing for potential crisis before they arise. It’s concerning to witness brands flounder during crises.

“Leveraging our over 8 years’ experience and expertise in public relations, brand management, and business analysis, we delve deeply into our client’s operations to identify potential pitfalls—those elements that could tarnish their reputation both internally and externally. We highlight these concerns to our clients, helping them prepare for such scenarios well in advance. A key aspect of this preparation entails the brand maintaining open communication about their values and standpoints with all stakeholders, reflecting these principles in all their endeavors. By doing so, they command the narrative, positioning themselves to adeptly navigate crises should they emerge.”

“Additionally, we encounter brands harboring the misconception that PR is costly, often opting for less professional alternative methods. We strive to dispel this narrative, paving the way for more brands to embark on their PR journey.”

Boasting an impressive track record with clients across various industries in Africa and Europe, effective strategy implementations, and featuring clients on local and international news outlets like BBC, DW, New York Times, and Forbes, and executing over 300 media campaigns and over 3,000 news publications.

Laerryblue Media is confident in its ability to significantly shape the PR landscape in Africa. Laerryblue Media takes pride in spearheading this revolution, guiding the way towards an ethical and more sustainable PR future for the continent.

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