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The Villa Debacle And The Truth of What Happened

tunde buhari aisha
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All that Nigerians needed to know was they needed the substances of what happened (narrative) at the villa:

1. There is a violation of an existing law by the President’s Personal Assistant Yusuf Tunde Sabiu, and his refusal to self isolate according to the NCDC guidelines and thereby jeopardizing the health of Mr. President and everyone in the state house. The first family sought to ensure that this was not the case.

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2. His collaboration with his uncle Mamman Daura to strip the office of the First Lady naked of police protection afforded to the first family by the law which led to the arrest of the first lady’s security details when all they did was to protect the first family.

3. In my humble opinion, anyone who works for the President irrespective of his or her relationship with the occupants of the villa must respect the President’s wife otherwise you are disrespecting the President himself. And that there is an established pattern of disrespecting the first family by the family of Mamman Daura, it didn’t start today.

4. That the gunshot heard was fired by the President’s personal assistant security details when they were running from the scene because they didn’t want to be put into isolation.

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