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For Ladies: A Dose of Majel’s Elegance-Inspired Wardrobe Muse

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I have put together a style guide of six essentials for curating an elegant-inspired dose of wardrobe muse.

It is okay to notice the similarity in the essentials, that is because elegant style has been my muse and continues to be my muse as I pull together my own wardrobe.

I will forever be trying to hone my inner elegant muse.

In my piece today, each essential is fixed with a handful of style inspiration images, all capturing chic gorgeous women of today demonstrating how to epitomize the style women from around each woman exemplifies their own take on beautiful style.

1. A quality day handbag

Elegance Muse
Hand Bag

While closets are small for the average Nigerian, the need for a capsule wardrobe is a necessity, but so too is only owning a few handbags day and evening and perhaps one for travel. This fact alone teaches one quickly the lesson of investing in a versatile, quality handbag. Now we don’t need to splurge exorbitantly on a Bag which was inspired by Jane Birkin’s frustration. But to invest in something, that is in your budget, fits your lifestyle and will last, are the three factors to consider when making your decision.

2. Ankle Skimming Jeans and Pant

IMG 20200612 WA0006
Ankle Skimming Jeans Pant

Why ankle skimming? Why taped or straight? A woman’s figure is something to revel in, to possess and not shy from. Also, since we are investing, we want to purchase pants or jeans that will be in style from year to year, thus the refusal to purchase trends is always a good idea (flares may be fun, but if they are the only pair you are able to purchase, you may want to reconsider). Depending upon your body type, choose a pant that has a leg opening that flatters your proportions. Narrower is usually better, as wide leg openings on shorter or pear-shaped women distract from the beautiful silhouette. Either way, make sure the hem goes all the way to the top of your ankle as they cut our bodies in the wrong place and disrupt a slimming line. These photos are my favorite denim options, and be sure to shop as well for other options:

3. Flats

IMG 20200612 WA0007

High heels may look incredible, but they are generally not worn very often if one has to be walking to and fro through their day. If heels are worn, they are at events or kitten heels are chosen, or if one has minimal walking to do. Either way, elegant women are a daily reminder of how chic a flat shoe can be. Whether you prefer the ballet flat, the smoking slipper or the loafer, invest in a couple that can work with a bunch of your outfit and you will be unrestricted.

4. Black dress

Black Dress

For day and evening appearance have a black dress that can be appropriate for work with a simple blazer layered upon it or be a show-stopper without the fuss in the evening.

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5.Oversized Sunglasses

IMG 20200612 WA0009
Oversized Sunglasses

Whether you didn’t do your make-up, or the sun is blazing, having a pair of oversized sunglasses not necessarily a fashion essential staked claim by the elegant, but it is one they adhere to without apology. Keeping in mind your face structure, select a style that works for you.One style that seems to work on nearly everyone’s face is the aviator: black or metal, always a safe decision.

6.Simple, yet quality T-shirt

IMG 20200612 WA0010

chic recommend that a chic wardrobe must contain an expensive t-shirt. While naturally, I am all about shopping discount t-shirts for working and leisuring about the home, they make a sound point. Layered with a blazer, the t-shirt creates a nonchalant balance between high and low. And even though you may have paid a pretty penny, it doesn’t appear that way. Select a fabric that contains jersey and a bit of stretch, and care for it dearly, not wearing for just any occasion, but pointing out, its primary purpose is to provide comfort in a variety of settings without looking frumpy. Below are a great inspiration.

Images courtesy of Seunmanuel Faleye - ApplesBite International Magazine and Majel Aiyegbenin - ApplesBite International Magazine
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