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Governance Should Not Focus Solely on Building State, Military But Also Economic Security – Michael Ilesanmi

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Security Expert and Public Affairs Analyst, Micheal Ilesanmi, has given his two cent regarding the recent spate of insecurity, kidnapping, incessant assassination by arsonists and separatist agitation befuddling the nation.

According to Ilesanmi, security in developed countries, unlike their underdevelop and developing counterparts – where Nigeria belongs – does not focus exclusively on states, territorial integrity and the military alone.

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He explained further that governance and policies in Nigeria are by their nature myopic, as such, they are targeted largely towards infrastructural development; while ignoring the economic security of citizens.

The consequence of this in Ilesanmi’s opinion is civil unrest, citizens feeling maligned, and the oppressed majority going after the privileged few.

“Thank the society than the security of the state as the 1999 constitution solemnly proclaims.

“The security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of Government”(Section14(2)b 1999 Constitution) paradoxically, whatever threat faces the Nigerian State.

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“Today stems more from economic insecurity particularly arising from mass unemployment.” full employment” guarantees stable, secure and balanced economic development.

“Social security is not concern with weapons, it is concern with human life” and dignity.

“It also all about how to secure the individual against want, poverty, destitution, diseases and idleness.

“That is the reason why we Nigerians have to wake up from our slumber.

“A comprehensive and integrated response to security as development challenges is indispensable to enhance sustainable peace globally.

“This requires the involvement and concerted action of all member of the international bodies, NGO’s and other civil society actors.

“Security is then describe in relation to seven dimensions reflecting almost all of the key components of human developments which includes; environmental, health, food, political and economic security and feeling protected from lack of law and order and increased crime also important.

“Global initiatives to human security that is – peoples protection and empowerment, clarifying the global human identities while respecting the freedom of individual to hold multiple identities and affiliation.

“Our top priority for the poor masses is the need to secure stability, predictability and continuity in our daily lives. God Bless Nigeria,” Ilesanmi submitted.

Ilesanmi Michael Ayobami writes from Lagos.

He is a Security Expert and Consultant.


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