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I Got Into Skincare Business After I Bought A Product That Damaged My Skin – Tibilar

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Globally, the skincare Industry is worth billions of dollars. According to House of Tibilar CEO, Opeyemi Abeketibila Akintilo, to look good and maintain an effulgent skin texture, it requires deliberate effort, and of course at a cost.

In this interview with Apple’s Bite International Magazine, the acclaimed celebrity skincare therapist talks about a near irreversible skin damage from patronizing a bad product made her discover her interest in the skincare business. She talks love and other juicy issues.

Enjoy excerpts.

Tell us about your brand?

The brand House Of Tibilar specializes in beauty and Organic skincare, we are registered and we help you solve skin problems.

How long have you been doing this?
I have been in the skincare business for two years now.

How did you discover your passion for skincare business?

Lol, it actually started when I bought a skincare product from a popular skincare brand and my skin got damaged. There and then, I was like I can make this stuffs my self na, so I started making soaps and I loved the smell afterwards.

How lucrative is this your business?

Skincare business is a million dollar. It is highly lucrative. If you are selling quality and results.

House of Tibilar
House of Tibilar

What stands your brand out from your competitors in same business?

We are very original at House of Tibilar. That is our selling point.

Some skincare specialists sell products that they don’t use themselves, do you use your product?

I use my products. I am very confident about what we sell. So why not.

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Some say there’s no difference between organic products and bleaching, is there a difference?

There is a big difference between organic and bleaching products. Organic are more of herbs and roots which bleaching products are more chemicals.

Do these skincare products have side effects on the skin, like are they cancerous?

Our products like I pointed earlier are 100% natural. They are not cancerous in anyway.

House of Tibilar
House of Tibilar

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means feeling good about yourself in your own skin.

<What is your client base like?

My clients base is more of males than females.

Tell us about the categories of people that patronize your product.

Our products are widely patronized by numerous people. However, at House of Tibilar, we have a lot of clients within the entertainment industry, who patronizes our products. We consult for a lot of entertainers.

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We hear these skincare products are mostly expensive, is it same with your product?

My products are affordable.

Have you had cases of costumers expecting the unimaginable from your product?

Yes, there are cases of customers wanting to solve more than one skin reaction with one product. We just tell them to take it one step at a time.

Where are you from?

Osun state in Ile Ife , although my mama is a Benin woman from Edo state.

How would you describe your personality?

My personality, well I am the cool and crazy person but mostly am a pure vibe.

What did you study in the university?

Mass communication.

How does your family background influence your business choice?

Erm, in a way my family we just like to look and smell good regardless.

House of Tibilar
House of Tibilar

You have a good skin, and it is obvious you’d get complements a lot from male admirers, doesn’t that make your boyfriend jealous?

I sell a skincare line my skin has to speak for me when my mouth can’t.

Are you dating?

No, I am not dating.

If you were not selling skincare products, which other career path would you follow?

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be a Professional Athlete.

What is your beauty routine tips?

Always stay hydrated and go low on sugar.

What advice would you give to young ladies who would love to follow your career path?

House of Tibilar
House of Tibilar

Make research before jumping into any line of business, and make sure what ever you choose you can defend it while in your sleep.

How do you relax?

I guess I take junks and watch a movie.

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