Why I Chose Face Modelling Even Though I Studied Accounting – Tola Adekojo

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For identity sake, brands and products contract models to advertise with their faces. For Up and coming Face Model, Video Vixen and Actor Tola Adekojo, she earns a living endorsing ranges of products including make-up, creams and toilet soaps. In this interview with Apples Bite International Magazine, Tola talks her journey into showbiz, her wish to get body enhancement and aspirations.

How did you discover your passion for modeling?

While growing up, I realized that I was always engrossed in watching fashion shows especially exhibitions of designers’ clothes by runway models and that motivated me and always thought if given the proper grooming, orientation and opportunity, I could do it too.
In secondary school, I met a friend that shared the same passion and we worked at it, although, I am the only one standing now because she decided to practice what she studied in school.

Tola Adekojo

What genre of modeling are you into?

I am more focused on Face Modeling.

Why face modeling and not runway or other genres?

I believe I have striking bold face, that registers on people’s mind, so I thought it is best to use my face to promote brands.

What brands have you worked for?

The nature of my contracts with some of these brands does not permit me to mention their names. However, those I can mention are Howo Republic, Queenyslook, Blancokoncepts studio, Stephie Beauty Parlour, Visuals by Ara, Dotun Pixel, Adeola Concepts, Frames By Hadassah and De-Rock Digitals.

What’s your education background like?

I have Higher National Diploma in Accounting from the prestigious polytechnic, Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech), Lagos.
Tell us about your family set up.
I am fourth out of a family of five children and the only female among them. Incidentally, all of us are into showbiz.

Most models initially have issues with getting family support for their career, is yours the same?

My parents have always supported us provided we engage in genuine and legitimate business. On the issue of morality, my mother is always there to convince my dad and remind him that she trusts her children and they are well brought up.

How did you finally convince your family to support your modeling dream?

Once I was convinced about my passion, I approached my mum to get her on my side and the rest fell in place. My family now believe so much in me and my job, more so, it’s paying my bills.

There are stories of sexual harassment in the modeling Industry, have you experienced that before?

No. I focus on my business, study the terms and conditions, get my team involved in the analysis before taking up any job. That way, you can be sure is a teamwork, no one can harass you.

What is your take about rampant rape cases in Nigeria today?

It’s quite unfortunate. I think the National assembly should come up with stiffer penalties for offenders because to me, it is just barbaric. No excuse what so ever should make on stoop so low to engage in rape.

Are you in a relationship?

I have a number of loyal friends and supporters of my brand and together, we promote it in all legitimate ways we know. Such genuine relationships are vital for the brand and personal development and growth.

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Does your modeling career affect your relationship?

Well, there should be clear distinction between business and relationship and if that is spelt out Ad initio, then, no room for conflict of interest. I don’t mix work and pleasure.

What dreams do you have for your modeling career?

To become a famous international model.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be?

I would love to have a bigger hips and larger ass.

Apart from being an actor, what another career do you wish to explore?

I also wish to be an actor. Well, not a wish, because, I am an up and coming actor too.

Tola Adekojo

I love Rihanna on the international scene, and Adesuwa Etomi, locally. Both women inspire me. I love their Charisma.

What brands do you look forward to working with?

Zaron cosmetics, Darling Nigeria, Fendi. I also look forward to work on set with Wizkid as a vixen.

What is your biggest challenge on this job?

Well, every profession has its own challenge, we just learn to manage them. For me, I’ll say it’s not being able to take certain jobs, like nudes. There is also the challenge of location.

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By location, you mean?

There are cases of harassment, by area boys during shoot at some remote locations. And sometimes too, some clients don’t pay premium to bring you to some locations, I turn down such jobs.

How do you relax?

Everyday schedule as a busy model can get stressful and you sometimes forget to take care of yourself. But then, I try to relax by visiting the SPA, other times, I go to the cinema. When I can create time for it too, I go on vacation with my friends.

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